Tips for a Sustainable Vacation

Now that the COVID-19 Pandemic is drawing to an end, we are all itching to travel, to explore the world or breath a new air for a few days, but the one silver lining of the pandemic was the reduced carbon footprint. Whether you’re off to the beach or the mountains, to get lost in nature or visiting a big city, these tips will help you have a great vacation while being mindful of the environment. With greener transport options, eco-friendly accommodations, and an abundance of nature reserves and sustainable cities, you can travel responsibly without forgoing too much comfort. You can travel greener by the choices you make about where you go, how you get there, where you stay and what you do there.

Whether traveling with a family, with a partner, or alone, those seeking a carbon bargain should seriously consider rail and motor coach travel

1) Choose Sustainable Destinations
Look at eco-tourism options. Some travel agencies like Lokal are now offering holidays which support sustainable development, reduce the impact on the environment, and provide support to local communities. You can consult lists of the most sustainable destinations compiled by sustainability organisations. These destinations are often selected based on certain criteria like commitment to protecting natural resources. In 2016, Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia was voted Europe’s Greenest City by European Green Capital, an initiative of the European Commission, for its public transport system, pedestrian and cycling infrastructure, and commitment to protecting the environment.

2) Choose environmentally friendly transportation

*A 2008 peer-reviewed analysis from the Union of Concerned Scientists list the bus as the greenest travel options, for both solo travellers and groups. They claim, “whether traveling with a family, with a partner, or alone, those seeking a carbon bargain should seriously consider rail and motor coach travel.”

– Travel to your destination by Train or Bus.

– Utilize Bike Shares and Public Transportation at the your destination.

– Go around by bus, its cheaper than renting a car and its greener.

3) Look for environmentally friendly accommodation.
Choose hotels and other accommodation that recycle, that are energy efficient, and, that use environmentally friendly energy sources such as solar energy or hydroelectric power. Use eco-friendly booking sites like and look for accommodations with Sustainability Certification.

4) Respect the local environment
– Don’t litter

– Ask for plastic-free straws with your cool drink. The plastic ends up in the ocean posing a threat to your wellbeing and the marine life.

5) Treat your hotel room like your home
– Conserve water.

– Limit energy use.

– Dispose of waste properly.

– Recycle and reduce.

– Hang your towels after use so they don’t get washed every day

6) Be a conscious shopper
– Watch what you buy as souvenirs!
– Avoid illegal wildlife products!
– Avoid buying cheaply made products that may be made with cheap or force labor.

Clean ocean

Our planet is beautiful and breathtaking and give us so much to be in awe of so we must try to give back more than we take from it.

Enjoy your vacation, but do keep the planet in mind!

Fabienne Valmond


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