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    Today, 14 March 2023 is the first day of my first IVF cycle. AF showed up 2 days later than expected even though the PMS did not delay. I have had lower back pain, right leg cramp and headaches for a couple of days now. I guess my January fibroid removal hysterescopy threw off my cycle last month because AF was 2 days early then, but now my cycle is back on track but since I was counting from my last cycle, I thought I was late. I am wondering if I miscalculated my cycle days last month and that CD 11 was really just CD9 and that is why my uterus lining was so thin (Wishful thinking probably, since my period was definitely flowing on the 12th of February, the day I marked CD1 of that cycle). I guess I will not know until an ultrasound this cycle to see if my uterus reach the desirable thickness for a fresh transfer.

    Today, I have a headache that seems to linger on the right side of my head just above my right eye. I had mild cramp all day and it worsen by the evening. I took a 1000 milligram paracetamol in the morning and a second in the evening. Although I was anxious to see Aunt Flow, i am not too fond of how it makes me feel.

    I will start the stimulation injections as instructed by the clinic tomorrow. The doctor says that the stimulation injections do not have any psychological effects and that the struggle women report comes from their own anxiety about the process. I asked her because I remember Kourtney Kardashian (I don’t really keep up with the Kardashian, but this popped up into my news feed) making a big ado about her IVF journey and how brutal the IVF hormones are. I hope that my gynaecologist knows best, but I will document my mood and physical state to see if the hormones have any physical or psychological impact.

    Weight: 69.6 Kg
    Waist: 34
    Hip: 41.5
    Thighs: 24
    Arms: 12
    Neck: 13
    Mood: Meh (Cramp & headache)

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