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    My Fibroid story:

    Age: 38
    Ethnicity: Black, Haitian
    Age diagnosed: 37
    Number of fibroids: >6
    Diagnosis: Routine pelvic exam, confirmed through ultrasound
    Treatments (ie medicine to treat the fibroids): None
    Surgeries: Myomectomy (2021), followed by Laparoscopy (2021
    Pre-surgery symptoms: menstrual cramps, pelvic pain, frequent urination
    Health complications following surgery: infertility, Iron-deficiency, Chronic pelvic pain

    Advice (s), tips (s) for coping with fibroids, miscellaneous:
    If I knew what I know now, I would have asked my gynecologist to try to manage the fibroids with medications or other treatments before jumping on the surgery bandwagon. I was desperate because I was in a lot of pain, and my OBGYN talked about the surgery in terms of fertility preservation, so I really thought that the surgeries would make it easier to conceive, not harder. It is hard to know if I was already infertile before the operations because I did not attempt to conceive before then, but the doctor made it sound as much that someone with as many fibroids as I would not be able to have a baby or would have significant complications during pregnancy. The pain (large fibroid pressing on my pelvic floor) was also unbearable, and the frequent urination severely impacted my quality of life. The surgeries alleviated some of that burden (pelvic pain is less severe), but they created new ones (iron deficiency) and contributed to or aggregated some (infertility).

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