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    I had the second ultrasound today to monitor the follicle growth, and it turns out that the follicles have grown exponentially. The doctor counted 6 mature follicles on the left ovary ranging from size 13 to 19. She did not document the number or sizes of the follicles on the right ovary. I only noticed this after I had already left the clinic. She turned the screen away from me, so I could not see the ultrasound and had to rely on what she said only. I asked if the ovaries ever get too big, and she stated that over 25 mm is undesirable. I wonder if she was trying to hide the fact that the follicles in the right ovary are already reaching the maximum limit. I do not trust doctors, and her hiding that information makes me suspicious. I will request her notes from the clinic tomorrow to see what she’s hiding, as I have experience with doctors telling me one thing in Finland and writing something entirely different in the notes.

    Regardless, she cleared me for Egg retrieval on Friday (24 Mar). I am to take the HCG Trigger shot (Ovitrelle) tonight, 36 hrs before the scheduled retrieval.

    Symptom checks. After doing my 7th stims injections last night (Meriefort and Fyremadel), I was overcome with emotions. I was teary for no reason, without especially feeling sad or having bad thoughts. Today, after the appointment, I went out for lunch, and while I was using the bathroom, I started weeping for no reason and only caught myself crying as I was wiping my eyes. I did get a bit sad thinking about how I have to go through this process alone and in a foreign country. I do not have anyone to go to the egg retrieval with me, even though the doctors recommend I bring someone along. I felt bloated, especially after lunch (Salad buffet from Relove). The walk from the metro to my apartment was slow and uncomfortable as my lower belly felt heavy. My breasts are sore to the touch. I feel pregnant.

    Tonight, after prolonged sitting all day (planning for a course I am teaching at the University of Helsinki tomorrow), I feel pain (not just pressure, but pain) in my lower abdomen and right pelvis. I have felt this right pelvic pain in the past when I ovulated. I am really paranoid now about the state of my right ovary. I will not proceed with Egg retrieval unless I read today’s doctor’s notes. I will also insist on seeing the ultrasound monitor.

    The doctor took me in to see a nurse who would instruct me on what to do on Egg retrieval day; no new information except that the nurse tried to upsell me on using an embryo scope. A new technology that apparently monitors the development of the embryo. I do not understand why the clinic does not automatically include this in their treatment package if this process improves the odds of selecting the best embryo. This is an example of healthcare access inequalities. Only those who can afford it have the luxury of choosing the best embryo. The extra cost is 500 euros. I still need to research whether it’s worth it.

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