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    I had my first ultrasound to monitor the ovarian follicle growth this morning, and the follicles are growing as they should (phew). So I guess I am doing the injections correctly, and keeking the Meriofert (follicle stimulating hormone (FSH) and luteinizing hormone (LH)) shots in the fridge was not a problem after all. Each ovary has eight follicles growing normally, ranging from 9 mm to 14 mm in size. The gynecologist informed me that the follicles would continue to grow rapidly, so she scheduled me for another ultrasound in two days (22 Mar) to determine the date of the egg retrieval. Egg retrieval will either be on Friday (24 Mar) or Monday 27 Mar). If the uterine lining continues to grow as it should, we should be able to proceed with a fresh embryo transfer either next week, Wednesday (29 Mar) or Saturday (1 Apr).

    The uterine lining looks promising as it is already 5 mm on day CD7, whereas it was just 4.6 mm on day 11 of the last cycle. The latest we will know if we can proceed with a fresh transfer is on the day of the egg retrieval when the gynecologist will determine if the uterine lining is thick enough. Hopefully, I will already have a good indication by the next appointment. She said the lining is a trilaminar (triple line) pattern, which is desirable. I inquired about the fibroid/free liquid the other gynecologist detected last month. She stated that she saw no free fluid and that the fibroid was not within the uterine cavity. But, she said, we will get a better picture at the next appointment when the endometrium is larger. So, I feel very optimistic and glad that I push to start the IVF this cycle rather than waiting to check on the lining again this month.

    If all goes according to plan, I could be pregnant as early as 12 Apr. This would put my due date on 19 Dec, just a day before my birthday. Me and my girl and boy (I don’t know why I keep visualizing a boy) will be birthday twins. Another Sagittarius in the house, though! Scary! J/K! But I do feel bad for them that their birthday will fall so close to Christmas. I will ensure there are separate birthdays and Christmas celebration presents and greeting cards. Ok, I should stop dreaming now and get back to reality.

    Symptoms check: I have had 5 Meriofert injections and 1 Fyremadel (GnRh antagonist) injection. Yesterday, I felt continuous pressure on my lower abdomen. It wasn’t pain, just pressure. I did not leave the house at all, even though my goal is to do an hour walk or get 10,000 steps in daily to get the blood flowing. I did not feel bad but was unmotivated to get going. It was a very grey day and a Sunday, so I think that had more to do with it than it is in a bad mood due to taking the injections. My mood has been generally neutral this whole time. I don’t feel any swelling on my abdomen or bloated. Last night, I had a hard time piercing my belly to inject the Fyremadel on the left side of my stomach and had a bit of a panic attack that I wouldn’t get myself to do it, but I tried on the other side, and the needle went in smoothly. The Fyremadel needle is not much bigger than the Meriofert needle. I was gassy in the evening but had kimchi as a side dish.

    On the way to the clinic this morning, I had to slow down on my 15 min walk to the metro because I felt the movement in my lower ab. The pressure is ever-present and worsened by prolonged seating. I have frequent urination, and bowel movement, which is quite loose, though I would not categorize it as diarrhea. I have a dry mouth and a low appetite. I skipped breakfast this morning and had a vegan lasagna for lunch at my favorite second-hand shop/cafe in Helsinki, ReLove. I will have some falafel with hummus, avocado, and kimchi as a snack for dinner. I am really not hungry. I am unsure if I should force myself to have three proper meals or if I should listen to my body and eat when I feel hungry. I may start counting calories leading into the transfer next week. I would not want implantation to fail due to poor nutrients.

    I asked the gynecologist about all the supplements I have been taking (prenatal, iron, Vitamin E, and Arginine). She asked if I had been taking omega-fatty acid supplements, as I should have stopped those a week before starting stims (oops). I checked, and prenatal and Vitamin E both have a small dose of Omega3 and Omega6, so I hope that will not be a problem. She said omega-fatty acid could cause bleeding during egg retrieval. So I will stop these supplements starting today and then resumes after egg retrieval. She gave me no answer about the iron or L-arginine, though, so I’ll keep taking the former since I am anemic and the latter since it’s supposed to help with blood flow, which hopefully helps with thickening the lining.

    Getting ready for my 6th injection this evening! Will report on Wednesday after the second ultrasound!

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