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    Today is day three since my five-day blastocyst embryo transfer, and I am already up to my wits. I ain’t much for waiting. In IVF, there is a lot of waiting, waiting for aunt flo to show up to kick off the cycle, waiting for the follicles to grow for egg retrieval, waiting to hear how many eggs fertilized, waiting to hear how many fertilized eggs made it to 5-day blastocyst embryos, and finally, the most monstrous wait of all, the infamous two weeks wait (TWW).

    The TWW is the 14 days most clinics recommend waiting to take a pregnancy test after a fresh transfer. However, I started testing yesterday, two days after the transfer. I tried to confirm whether or not the HCG from the GnRH injection I took the day after the transfer triggered a positive test result. The test was negative, although I think I saw a very, very faint line (vvfl). So technically, this 2dpgdt should have answered my question that the injection did not trigger a false positive. I should have gone back to waiting until at least 5dp5dt when many online fertility forum users report getting positive results. However, I tested again this morning. I think this time, the vvfl was real.

    Another thing that was very real today was the symptoms that I felt. These symptoms differ from what I call the post-egg retrieval swollen ovary syndrome. I felt pulls, stabbing, scratching, and just annoying sharp pains everywhere in both ovaries, my lower ab, my pelvic area, and my vagina. I felt tired. After having a small bowl of porridge for breakfast at 10 am, I went back to bed. I had a full 8 hours of sleep, so I wasn’t lacking. I pushed myself to get out of bed because I thought maybe my discomfort was due to gas and being bloated, so I got up, took a shower, and went for a walk. I felt a bit of pain on the way and burped a lot, but I eventually felt relief. Then I decided to grab something to eat as it was around 3 pm, and I hadn’t eaten since breakfast. I made a poor restaurant choice and ended up having tapas of whole wheat nachos, fried calamari, and quinoa topped with grilled avocado. My stomach did not like this combination. I should note that I have mostly been eating vegan, gluten-free, and mostly whole food, home-prepared meals. The walk back home was hell. My stomach expanded so much. I was burping nonstop and had to shuffle the last stretch of the way home. When I arrived, I touched my belly, and it was stiff. I cannot even hold my tummy in. It just protrudes out as if I am pregnant. I am currently drinking a lot of fluid, and the burping seems to be subsiding, but what a hell of a day!

    The worst of it all is that this may not even be a sign of implantation and early pregnancy; this is most likely the progesterone wreaking havoc in my body.

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