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    I meant to make a post since the day of Egg Retrieval (ER), but I have not had the energy. On the day of ER, I may have done a bit too much. I had lunch with my Finnish flatmate, who accompanied me to the clinic. We then walked around the city to Kamppi, where many politicians campaign for the upcoming parliament election. Anyway, by the time I got home, I was in a lot of pain and had to shuffle home. However, I took a painkiller and set out again to buy a hot water bottle because fertility warriors on Reddit say it makes a world of difference. This hot water bottle hasn’t left my belly since Friday (well, figuratively). I have a nonstop lower belly cramp and occasional shooting pain in my right ovary.

    Ok, so back to ER day. The procedure was relatively painless as I received numbing medicine, although seeing the length of the needles freaked me out a bit. The nurse and my flatmate were supportive, both holding my hands. The doctor retrieved 7 eggs from the 16 follicles I started with during the CD7 ultrasound. If you read my last post on my CD9, my follicle count was shrouded in mystery because the GYNO only documented the number of follicles on my left ovary, which was down to 6 from 8. After the ER, the doctor gave me an updated treatment map showing my right ovary follicle count. Based on that, I had 7 follicles, 1 less than from the first ultrasound. The largest follicle measured 22mm, 4 measured 18-19mm, 1 at 16 mm, and 1 at 14mm. 4 of the follicles on my left ovary were 18-19 mm, 1 at 15 and 1 at 13. Since the doctor retrieved just 7 eggs out of the 13 follicles documented 2 days before, I calculated that the 18-22 mm follicles must have over-matured by ER. I think the dose of the stimulation medicine, 300 UI of Meriofert, was too much for me.

    I am not sure how the doctors could have better determined what would have been a more accurate dose. I am pretty sure this is based on the AMH levels because a previous test I took in Estonia had my numbers way lower, so the gynecologist initially planned to give me the highest dose but revised the prescription after receiving the new AMH test results taken in Finland, which was a higher number. If I had a higher dose, all the eggs would probably have been wasted, and I may have ended up with ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome (OHSS).

    Out of 7 eggs retrieved, 3 were fertilized. I got a call from the embryologist the day after ER on cycle CD12. I was overly disappointed because the fewer fertilized eggs, the worst odds that 1 will make it to day 5 Blastocyst. For now, a fresh transfer is scheduled on 29 Mar. I tried to ask the embryologist what would happen if none of the embryos made it, and either we had a language breakdown, or she was confident we would move forward with a transfer. Now, I am paranoid that they will do a transfer even if the embryos are not perfect. I took the option to have them monitored in the Embryoscope, so I hope all of them make it to the 5-day Blast and the embryo scope helps us find the best one. I hope I can freeze the two others to try again in case this time fails or for a chance for a sibling.

    For now, I am enduring the side effect of ER and feeling bloated and gassy with lower belly cramps. I started Cyclogest, the progesterone hormone on CD12, taking 2 doses daily, so some of my symptoms may be due to that.

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