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Unser Wohl is as much about our wellbeing as it is about yours. So, we only share the science-backed tools and tips that have benefitted our own wellbeing journey and endeavor to stay up to date on research developments to share real-time information on health, nutrition, and all of the other facets of wellbeing.

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Discover health & fitness programs, and life hacks that identify opportunities to help you become more efficient and more focused on your journey.

The inspiration for our name, Unser Wohl, which is German for our wellbeing, comes from my doctoral research on women suffering with fibroids and their aspirations of wellbeing. As with all things, anthropologists encourage understanding wellbeing through a cultural lens, that is to take account of how different cultures define well-being. The Japanese term most related to wellbeing, ikigai, means ``that which most gives a person's life worth, meaning or fulfilment.`` The Greek concept of eudaemonia is often translated as human flourishing. In this regard, wellbeing, Ikigai and eudaemonia all define a state of being, raison d'être, or reason for being that arises from doing the things one enjoys. Here you will discover activities, tips and life hacks that brings a sense of fulfilment

Our Eco-Friendly Shop

In our eco-friendly shop, we curate a range of sustainable products that are good for you and kind to our environment. We care about where we source our products, so we spend a lot of time searching for reliable and trustworthy suppliers. We only use suppliers that espouse our values, offering products that are cruelty-free, free of harmful ingredients and eco-friendly. From foodstuff, household products, and sports accessories, all of our products are handpicked, organic, vegan, and plastic free, or made from upcycled plastic where applicable.

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    Our Team

    Our small team is composed of two compassionate souls dedicated to finding the things that most give our life meaning and helping others do the same.


    Fabienne Valmond

    Founder of Unser Wohl

    Fabienne is a Ph.D. researcher in Sociocultural Anthropology at the University of Helsinki. Her dissertation deals with black women's experience with fibroids. She launched Unser Wohl in the summer of 2022 to share her experience with fibroids and chart her journey to wellbeing. She hopes that by sharing her experiences, she can learn and grow with her readership. She is fluent in Haitian Creole, French, and English (in order of acquisition) and currently learning German. Previously, she ran an art space in Seoul called I Art Seoul and an event management platform promoting local events in Seoul. Later, I Art Seoul became an arts and cocktail-themed bar called the Dead Poets, which closed due to the COVID-19 Pandemic. She splits her time between Helsinki, where she is pursuing a Ph.D., and Germany, where her partner lives.


    Jens Wolfgramm

    Chief Technical Officer

    Jens is our in-house tech guy. He assists with the highly technical parts of the website. Jens runs his own company, Damantec, an IT firm that provides time recording services, Telematics, and digital tachograph services. He also runs, an online store that sells digital tachograph equipment. Jens speaks fluent German and English and practice magic as a hobby.